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Content marketing more than marketing

If you look at most content marketing agencies, the source of their business is digital transformation. Custom publishing houses took company magazines online and started producing blogs for clients. Production companies started to feed the ever-increasing need for online and then social video. Digital transformation is about taking the offline, online. Everything. When you ask… Keep Reading

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These 3R’s will make your content fresh

If the old adage is true, there is no such thing as a new idea. But that’s not as miserable and uninspiring as it sounds. How do you make a piece of content completely fresh – even if the idea behind it has been used time and time again? Like melons at a supermarket, is… Keep Reading


Be a content entrepreneur; take risks

Risk is a word that sends shudders up the spines of many marketers. And understandably so. Why would anyone actively produce a new piece of content, set a new KPI or rock any apple cart if they know it has the opportunity to fail. After all, they will be the ones with the red face… Keep Reading


Leaving journalism for content marketing

As a rookie journalist almost four years ago, anything related to an agency was considered the “dark side”. I had always thought a reporter’s objectives were more noble than that of an agency because agencies will always be enslaved to the bottom line. Over the years, as my idealism faded, I realised that I couldn’t… Keep Reading


Five practical business applications for 360 video

360 Video empowers the viewer. Everybody knows the entertainment potential of 360 video; flying over mountains or surfing the Great Barrier Reef. But why, other than the obvious ‘wow’ factor and shareability, would you need a 360 video? What can it do that other films cannot and why does that help you and your customers?  Does… Keep Reading

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